Annette Gordon
Paola, KS

I up-cycle antique & vintage glass into flowers. Glass is selected, drilled, assembled & mounted on a steel stem. Flowers range between 3-7 feet tall. I create whimsical bugs from unusual lightbulbs.

Dale Roark
Augusta, KS

Bronze sculpture from original clay sculpture.

Patricia Young
Claypatra Creations – Lenexa, KS

Using white or red earthenware my art is an interpretation of design, color and shapes. Slabs, molds, and thrown techniques form a body textured with slips, stains, and glazes to coalesce an image.

Robert Boyce
Shooting Star Studio – Phoenix, AZ

Plasma cut copper using fire for the colors & patterns. Fire painted wall art using torches, grinders, punches, wire brushes for the texture & depth. Copper & glass illusion art with flamed wind wings.

Darren Miller
Jarmac, Inc. – Decatur, IL

Wrought metal with automotive quality finish system.