Stephen Smith
SDSArts – Broken Arrow, OK

My paintings are very stroke orientated-overlapping strokes by creating chaos with thick paint.

Anthony Grant
Anthony Grant Studio Gallery – Louisville, CO

Representational oil on canvas.


Cally Krallman
Prairie Sage Studio – Topeka, KS

My work is regional landscapes and the mediums I use are oils and acrylics on canvas.

Jenny Bullard
Jenny Bullard Art – Oklahoma City, OK

Whimsical shapes & acrylic colors w/transparent washes create stories that
spark the imagination.

Peggy Aebi
Lord’s Div. Inc. – Lathrop, MO

Various dyes are combined and manipulated to create the most fervent colors, painted on framed art board and embellished with a alabaster type resin finish to producing a greater field of depth.

Karen Dreyer
Leawood, KS

Oil on hardboard or canvas.

Jocelyn Woodson
Hutchinson, KS

I use acrylic paint on wood that I shape and layer.

Virgil Penner
Newton, KS

I paint with acrylic on canvas. I try to create movement in my paintings and use bright color combinations.I do not paint from photos or on location.

Anastacia Drake
Stroke of Red Studio – Olathe, KS

I create sculpted paintings using only acrylic paint that engages the viewer and invites them to set aside their fear and preconceived barriers to understanding fine art.

Laura Jewell
Sioux Falls, SD

Layers of watercolor built up on heavy watercolor paper then mounted on board and sealed with cold wax.

Taj Mattingly
Taj – Kansas City, MO

I use a variety of media in my work. The drawings use ink, gouache, charcoal, watercolor and dyes. The paintings are usually acrylic.

Aaron Jackson Bowman
Newton, KS

The work generally explores the pursuit of cohesion, a not-always-forward movement of problem solving that commences with chaos and, through tactful mark making, finishes in a stabilized composition.

Melynda Van Zee
Melynda Van Zee Studio – Huxley, IA

Acrylic medium poured from bottles and translucent acrylic paint on canvas.

Matthew Richter
Canyon Light & Prairie Skies – McPherson, KS

Oil paintings of wildlands, wildflowers and the people who enjoy them.

Justin Clements
Fort Collins, CO

Traditional Oil Paintings, classically styled original oil paintings in fine custom made frames.

Becky Drager
Topeka, KS

Acrylic paintings on canvas.

Daryl Price
Daryl Price Fine Art LLC – Fort Collins, CO

I paint the human form without reference. I use multiple glazes to create bright color, rich texture and extreme contrast. Figures are mostly realistic but with some distortion to create movement.

Paula Acheson
Olathe, KS

I am an abstract artist exploring the fragile and often times multilayered aspects of being human. I seek to reveal imagery that is thought provoking to facilitate conversations.