Joe Dumas
Yellow Dog Home – Gadsden, AL

By using the strength of two elements, stone and steel, I utilize a whimsical way of fashioning rock art into functional pieces of sculpture. All can be used indoors or out.

Stella Coupe
Splash Fine Art – Houston, TX

Exploring liquid effects through physics and fluid chemistry by putting a wide array of fluids, all of varying colors and viscosities and organic elements showcasing a world of colors, and movement.

Eric Doucette
Distinctive Finishes – LaCygne, KS

Tinted plaster relief – Layers of colored plaster embedded in burlap. Carved details. Utilization of one or more -stain, foils, paint, waxes, found objects, or other materials. I custom frame my work.

Angie Pickman
Rural Pearl – Kansas City, KS

I use a craft knife to hand cut various papers, including some recycled papers painted with acrylics, and collage them together on a backing board or wood panel.

David Jessup
green collar guy designs – Boulder, CO

Matthew Jarmer
Lawrence, KS

I use wood & found objects to create visually stimulating assemblages that focus on the contrast between organic and geomatic forms while telling a story, provoking thought and engaging the viewer.

Dan Welty
Classic Car Part Art – Wichita, KS

I use license plates, car parts, and other found objects. I hand bend, cut, assemble into desired 3d shape and accent with car parts and found objects. Creating unique, one of a find pieces of art.

Chelsea Berg
Shescraftyartwork – Lees Summit, MO

I use palette knives, my hands &various brushes to apply acrylics, molding paste,silver leaf, & a latex based additive onto wood or canvas. Media may also be manipulated with a torch or air brush.

Neil Cluck
Tulsa, OK

Oils on sculpted wood and wood panels.Each carved piece starts as a brush stroke;that image is cut ,carved,painted in oils, then mounted on varying planes to form 3-dimensional negative spaces.

Stephen Perry
Backroads Press – Wichita, KS

I do original, limited edition prints that are black and white relief prints from Solarplates. Each print is then hand-painted with watercolor. I also have traditional etchings and intaglio prints.