Jeanne Scott-Zumwalt
Gone to Pot Art Studio – Green Castle, MO

Wheel thrown porcelain pottery with hand sculpted additions and layered glazes.

Phyllis Klima
Salina, KS

I am a functional potter working with cone 5-6 porcelain and stoneware clays. My glazes are sprayed in multiple layers. Every pot has 5-8 glazes.

Chad Collins
Kestrel Clay – Gladstone, MO

Hand made utilitarian and decorative ceramics. Featuring small sculptures and hand illustrated forms.

Daria Claiborne
Daria Claiborne Pottery – Joplin, MO

My pottery is functional emphasizing surface decoration.Most recently I use a Mishima technique and a clear glaze that creates a water color effect. My work is unique.My preference is porcelain.

Emily Chamberlain
Emily Chamberlain Sculptural and Functional Ceramics – Wichita, KS

My work consists of both functional and sculptural hand built ceramics using earthenware clay.

Joseph Rincones
Rincones Pottery – Wichita, KS

Wheel thrown and altered porcelain, with glazed and luster application.

Heinrich Leonhard
Tannenbaum Ceramics – Columbia, MO

Original hand-painted earthenware, all my own concept no employees not commercial. Second generation traditional artist.

Abigail Brown
Abby Lou Pottery – Austin, TX

Porcelain functional ware, with custom bright mid range glazes. Wheel thrown, showcasing a variety of surface treatments such as; stamping, carving, mishima, screen prints and alterations.